• Onsite Services

    NGPC is always striving to make your visits run as smooth as possible.

North Georgia Pain Clinic offers the convenience of two in-house labs to perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis labs.

At North Georgia Pain Clinic we do randomized drug test as required by Georgia State Law (360-3-06).  Urine drug monitoring is an important tool, along with other clinical information, that helps your doctor better determine the best way to treat your chronic pain. It is a tool that provides more information about the medications in your system.

Ultrasound Guidance

Ultrasound permits safe, accurate, and real-time injections for patients with neck, back and radicular pain.  It also avoids the risks associated with radiation and complications from use of contrast dye.

The Healing Power of Regenerative Therapies

We now offer a number of exciting new treatment options.  RIT are a spectrum of cutting edge therapeutic techniques used to naturally treat and heal the cause of a painful condition rather than masking the symptom. RIT stimulates and accelerates your own body’s natural ability to heal itself. Two of the most effective RIT include Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections.  Learn More about these cutting edge therapies.

Automated Telephone Reminder System

    Two days prior to your scheduled appointment you will receive an automated telephone reminder call, text and email.  Simply confirm or cancel your appointment by either method. You will also receive a real-time appointment notification by text and email when future appointments are made or when a scheduled appointment is missed.

    Please let the front desk or a staff member know of any changes to your contact information and how you would like to be contacted.

Online Resources

NGPC's Patient Portal is a secure site that will allow you 24/7 access to your medical information.

    Simply provide your email and you will be sent an email invitation. For questions accessing our Secure Patient Portal please call 770.479.2322. Our Patient Portal moved 11.12.15.  All existing patients will require a new email invitation to access your account.  We hope you will take advantage of this new user-friendly enhancement!

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