The physicians and staff of North Georgia Pain Clinic strive to provide their patients with the best pain management care and are committed to the success of their patients’ medical treatment and care.

New Patient To Our Practice

You may access the Patient Portal

Each new patient to our practice will be sent an email inviting them to register with our patient portal.  After you have received the first email invitation and have accepted and we have your information identified correctly; the patient may begin to use the portal to send direct, secure messages to the practice. You may access the Portal by clicking here.

What should I bring to my "New Patient" appointment?

To assist your physician and our staff with your care, patients are asked to bring the following to their first office visit:

  • Valid “Georgia” Driver’s License or ID (out-of-state residents are approved on a case-by-case basis).
  • All records must be faxed or mailed directly to our office by a practicing physician, hospital or treatment facility.
  • Bring all current medication bottles to your first appointment.
  • Bring your current Insurance card(s).
  • If your insurance company requires a written referral/authorization, please verify we have received it before your visit
  • Please be prepared to pay any co-payment, coinsurance, or deductible, if applicable, the day of your visit.
  • Completed pre-registration forms. If you are not able to print the New Patient registration forms, we will gladly mail a patient package to you.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany minor children who are under the age of 18.
  • All new patients will be asked to sign our patient policy forms.

We are unable to schedule your first appointment until we have received your “required” records from your referring physician.

How can I get a copy of my medical records?

NGPC will be glad to provide our patients with a copy of their medical records. Please understand that there may be a charge for duplicating your medical records after you have requested your first courtesy set of records. Please refer to our Financial Policy for this information regarding fees. We must have your request “in writing”. In order to release your records, please sign a records release form in our “Forms” section.

What is your policy on appointment cancellations?

We understand that extenuating circumstances may occur that require our patients to re-schedule their upcoming office visit or procedure. Patients that cancel the day of an appointment will be given a courtesy pass with no cancellation fee. Any patient cancelling three times without notice will not be allowed to re-schedule without approval from the physician.

What is your policy about receiving medication from other physicians?

Please inform any ER, surgeon or physician you are under the care of a pain management physician and have signed a Pain Management Contract.  If you are having surgery and require medication, please make prior arrangements with your physician at your appointment. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to obtain any medication from another physician without approval. If you leave a facility with a prescription, you will be dismissed from our practice.

What is your policy on arriving late for an appointment?

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, and we are not able to adjust your appointment time on that day, we may have to re-schedule your office visit.  Thank you in advance for your understanding. NGPC will make every effort to accommodate our patients and we appreciate your confidence in selecting our practice.

How will I know when my appointment is?

You will receive an automated telephone call two (2) days prior to your appointment. Please call our office and notify us of any personal information so that we may continue quality care. You may cancel your appointment through the automated message or call our Canton office during office business hours, 9-4:30, Monday-Thursday and Friday, 9-12:00.

Am I required to have a Urine Drug Screen?

Under Georgia State Mandated Law Rule 360-3-.06, pain management doctors are required to randomly drug test patients for evaluation and management services.

What is the policy on early and same day appointments?

We understand that extenuating circumstances may occur that require our patients to re-schedule their upcoming office visit or procedure and you may need to come in early or request to come in the day you call. Depending on the physician’s schedule, the doctor will have to “approve” both a same-day appointment as well as any early appointment request before a scheduled monthly appointment.

Is there a direct line to contact the satellite locations?

We do not have additional lines to our satellite offices. Please call our Canton office regarding any questions you may have. They will make sure your physician or nurse receive any information needed, and they are able to schedule, cancel or request refill medications for all of our locations.

What is your policy if I have been in the hospital?

If you are admitted to the hospital between your monthly visits with our physicians, please sign a “release of information” form before you leave the hospital and ask them to fax your discharge papers and any paperwork regarding your treatment while you were in the hospital. We will not see you for your scheduled visit unless we have received the discharge papers from your hospital. Please call our office “before” your appointment to make sure we have received your records, and that they are in your chart for our physician to review.

Do you accept my insurance?

North Georgia Pain Clinic participates in most commercial insurance plans.  To see a list of our accepted health insurance providers click here.  Check with your insurance as well to make sure we are in-network and any insurance information about your plan and the coverage for your treatment it allows.

Some procedures are performed at Perimeter Surgery Center.  The surgery center may be out-of-network.

How can I pay my bill?

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, personal checks, and money orders.  All co-payments are expected at the time of your visit.  We do not accept personal checks on the first visit.