• We want your first visit to be a good experience.

Please allow 48 hours for referral processing.  You may check to see if we have received your records from your referring physician. However, we will contact you as soon as one of our physicians has reviewed your records and decided to accept you as a patient. You will also be contacted if the physician does not choose to take over your pain management treatment.

New Patient Check List

    Please make sure you have the following items at your first visit:

    • Valid Georgia photo ID (Georgia ID or License)
    • Current Insurance card(s)
    • If your insurance company requires an authorization, please verify we have received it before your visit
    • Proper Co-pay amount (this will be a specialist visit, so please consult your insurance card for the correct specialist co-pay)
    • A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor under the age of 18
    • A list of questions you may want answered about your condition and/or treatment
    • Bring all current pain medications you are taking. They may only be prescribed by one physician and this will ensure we know all medicines you are taking and which doctor has prescribed those medicines.
    • Completed Patient registration forms (you may download the policies from our site).


If your insurance requires an authorization, please contact your “Primary Care Physician” and have an authorization faxed.

Access New Patient Paperwork

Patient Portal

Each new patient to our practice will be sent an email inviting them to register with our patient portal. After you have received the first email invitation and have accepted you may begin to use the portal to send direct, secure messages to the practice. Please complete the forms available before your first visit.  You may access the Portal by Patient Portal.

For More information on the Portal click here.

Patient, Financial and Policy Agreements

Please bring completed paperwork to your visit, a copy of your insurance card, driver’s license and pharmacy card.

A complete list of forms can be located by clicking here

Complete New Patient Paperwork

Please bring completed paperwork to your visit:


A complete list of forms can be located by clicking here


New Patient Resources

New Patient Referral:

All New Patients Must be referred by a Primary Care Physician or Specialist. We do not see walk-ins or self-referred patients.